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Hi there!
Thank you for stopping by :heart:

Please read below for all of my commission prices, terms of service, and everything you need to know to help you discern if I'm the artist for you.


My prices are based on an $8.00 an hour pay. Below are some examples of art grouped by type of commission. The prices posted below are based on a drawing without backgrounds or props; solely on the subject. If you want props or backgrounds in your drawing, it may cost somewhere within the middle of the range or more depending on how complicated the subject is. Or it may not effect the price much at all if it's simple enough (I doesn't take me an extra hour to draw a stick or an apple or whatnot).


Penciled sketch/drawing

To Shine like Stars by ShenaniBOOM Monster of my own Design (a commission) by ShenaniBOOM Lullaby by ShenaniBOOM The Jazz Singer by ShenaniBOOM Dissonance- Julian by ShenaniBOOM

Lovier Than Pearls by ShenaniBOOM Dissonance- Peter by ShenaniBOOM  Striped Hood (a commission for DanniDark) by ShenaniBOOM Biker (sample commission) by ShenaniBOOMDissonance- Allie by ShenaniBOOM

Price range: $16-56

Additional subjects: $8-24 per addition


Colored pencil drawing

Wild Boy by ShenaniBOOM Sparkling Eyes by ShenaniBOOM Boulevard by ShenaniBOOMTenshi no Tamago: The Man by ShenaniBOOMJesus by ShenaniBOOM

Price range: $24-72

Additional subjects: $8-24 per addition

Solid painted background (one color): $10

Painted accents: $1-2 (simple, speckled accents like snow or stars), $2-3 (shapes), $5-10 (accents utilizing multiple colors and details).


Inked line art:

Dachshunds by ShenaniBOOM Portrait of the Cellist (WIP, line art) by ShenaniBOOM

Price range: $16-48

Additional subjects: $8-24 per addition


Other things I offer

I do chibis! If you want a chibi-styled commission, just choose if you want a pencil drawing, inked drawing, etc. It will be priced the same way as the rest of my commissions. They will likely run lower on the price range due to their simplicity.

Young Lovers (Raffle Prize) by ShenaniBOOM Rhett Puppeh and Link Kitteh by ShenaniBOOM *

* I do not commission paper children at the moment. This is just my most recent, colored example. 

Do you want to see what YOU or a friend looks like in my style? I can do that, too! Just send me a clear photo of who you want drawn and I'll copy it in my style! Makes a great gift! Pricing is the same as the rest of my commissions. Just state what sort of drawing you want.

sweetiebelle22 Selfie by ShenaniBOOM cionkeiasta selfie by ShenaniBOOM JenniferJK selfie by ShenaniBOOM
SnowleopardSixtus selfie by ShenaniBOOM hellboy12345 Selfie by ShenaniBOOM Starphishy selfie by ShenaniBOOM

To-Ka-Ro selfie by ShenaniBOOM Commission for Elizabeth by ShenaniBOOM

Terms of Service

What I will not draw:

  • Anything pornographic or sexually explicit in nature
  • Anything that bashes other's religion, race, views etc.
  • Yaoi (boy+boy love), Yuri (girl+girl love)
  • Demonic characters (I'll make an exception if you want me to draw a good character fighting such a character or if you want me to display a concept of duality.)
  • Furries (I CAN draw kemonomimis and am open to drawing purely animal characters)
  • 'My Little Pony' characters
  • Copyrighted characters
  • The character must be dressed decently ("if it belongs at Hooters, it does not belong here" is my usual guideline)
  • No wearing religious items (cough rosaries cough) for fashion. Small cross necklaces and the like are fine. I have a thing against pentagrams and things of that particular vein. I wont draw it.
  • No obscene gestures or cuss words included in the commission ("oh my god" counts as this)
  • Anything that breaks the deviant art rules and regulations

What to include in your note/email:

  • Please include "commission" or something along those lines as the subject of your note/email
  • What sort of commission you want
  • If you're requesting me to draw your original character, send me photos, a description of his/her personality, or anything that might help me portray him/her better. I do prefer visual references, but I am capable of working from a written description alone. I prefer JPEG images.
  • If you're requesting a drawing of a real person, send me a good quality photo of who you want drawn along with any other info or references you think might be helpful. I will not copy people from copyrighted photos unless you are the photo's official owner.
  • Deadline (if there is any. If not stated, I'll assume there isn't one. Please allow at least 6 business days for completion. Business days are Mon-Sat)
  • I will automatically upload my finished work to my Deviantart page unless you request the work to remain strictly private. If nothing is said, I'll assume it's ok to post.

Payment method/contact info:

  • My payment method is Paypal
  • My email (both for paypal and general contact) is
  • After you communicate what you want done, I'll consider what amount of time the drawing will take and price it accordingly. If the time it takes to complete your commission increases from my original estimate, I will not charge you extra.
  • I will ask for payment in full before I begin work on your commission.
  • You will receive a 600dpi scan of the finished piece. For more serious business offers, you may request the original if it is required. The cost will be slightly more due to shipping expenses.

Serious business offers

I am open to more serious business opportunities. If you feel I am right for your business, publication, or design, contact me via email to make arrangements. Pricing situations may differ from business to business. Feel free to discuss your terms with me.

Thank you again for stopping by! I hope to do business with you soon!

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